Friday, August 17, 2012

My home workspace

Recently I took the time to clean up my home workspace, so I thought now would be a great time to show it off. Pardon the blurrycam, as photography is not my forte, and these were taken on my 3 year old phone. I may try to update them down the line.

Most of the desk comes from IKEA, including the tan lap desk, which was built from wood in the as-is section. My chair is an Ikea Markus, which is great for tall people. The monitor is a 27" asus @ 1920x1200. I use a Logitech G500 gaming mouse with weights set on the left side to balance out my hand. The keyboard is a cheap but usable Wintec scissor key keyboard, as I hate typing on anything besides scissor keys.

The speakers are from an old stereo with a broken amp, driven by another amp which is best summed up as a college project gone horribly wrong, and a fire hazard waiting to happen.  Yes, it uses a spliced-in ac adapter I found at goodwill and "adjusted". While making it, I also had the experience of browning out a whole dorm building, true story.

On the bookshelf is my media server, which holds 5 1.5 TB hard drives, which serves as the on-site backup (to complement our off-site backup service, SpiderOak) while also hosting a Plex media sever and pyTivo. To switch between the server and assortment of laptops, I use an iogear 4 port KVM, and although it's only VGA, it works great.

The swords/knives are a collection of mine. I have a knife from every continent except Australia and Antarctica (Why haven't those penguins invented tools yet!?!). Specifically, the country list includes Romania, Brazil, India, China, Japan, the C.A.R. (I think), and the good ol USA. Right now you can only see the katana, wakizashi, and tanto sets. Most of the other swords are somewhat scattered around the house.

Any comments appreciated!

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