Monday, November 21, 2011

Weinre remote debugger

I did some checking into weinre, which basically gives you a webkit-style inspector remotely for iPad (or iPhone, or Android 2.2+). It’s very sweet, debugs any webpage, and is pretty simple to set up and use locally.  The steps to install locally on windows are below.

Step 1.
Install Java

Step 2.
Get weinre jar:

Step 3.
Allow World Wide Web Services and Java.exe in Windows Firewall (while testing)

Step 4.
Start weinre from command line:
java -jar weinre.jar --httpPort 8088 --boundHost -all-

Step 5.
Create bookmarklet on the ipad:
1. Open <computer’s ip>:8088 on your ipad.
2. Under "Target Bookmarklet", copy the entire contents of the textarea to the clipboard (“bookmarklet url in a textarea”).
3. Add the page as a bookmark.
4. Name the bookmark "Debug"
5. After the bookmark is created, edit the bookmark's url, and paste the clipboard into the url field.

Step 6.
Run the bookmarklet on any page you want to debug.

Step 7.
Open the following url in chrome to start debugging.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Still running an april fools joke on a guy at work!

My bacon screenshot

For 4/1 we made focus on bacon, added subtle references to bacon, and changed the top songs to bacon related songs.

A guy at work (but not in dayton) emailed me and asked if there was an error in the database that was causing this "I love bacon" song to be repeated in our top songs list. I included a screenshot of the tops songs with tons of extra bacon innuendo, beyond our normal prank page, hidden around the page, and told him i didn't see anything like that on my end, all the top songs looked normal, and asked him if he somehow had a corrupted cache on his computer.

He replied back last night that he even saw bacon songs in my screenshot, and took his own screenshot of just the bacon songs.

his response

This morning I replied again that I still didn't see any references to bacon on his screenshot, asked him if he was sure he was seeing it right, and that the only funny result i noticed was the top artist was Sloof Lipra, who I had never heard of.